Weight loss on your terms

Looking to bring a little fun back into weight loss? ClickFit.com has created the perfect plan for you.

We can create a delicious menu plan based on your preferences. Whether you choose from our simple weight loss, low-calorie, health & wellbeing or maintenance menu, you will receive an enticing selection of super-healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. The choice is yours!

We’ve all been there. Joined a gym with the intention of losing weight but find we’re left on our own when it comes to food planning and diet. We end up not attaining the results we hoped for.

ClickFit.com can help!  Tracking what you eat is easy and straightforward with our interactive online diary. Simply enter your food and exercise and ClickFit.com works it all out for you. Our unique energy in/out graph allows you to track your progress each day and each week, so you always know exactly how you’re doing. You’re in control.

We love food too! Throw out the fad diets and the processed, boxed meals. Our calorie-controlled recipes are full of tasty ingredients and provide loads of healthy variety. Our menu plans show you how to eat a well-balanced diet full of delicious food.

Like to eat out or grab a ready meal? You can always add your own favourite foods to your diary to incorporate them in your daily calorie expenditure. ClickFit.com explains portions and measurements to keep your weight loss on track. You’ll be amazed that losing weight could taste this good!

Try ClickFit today for your FREE trial! Each week, you receive menu plans and exercise plans that work together to provide the perfect prescription for weight loss success. Take control of your weight loss and feel better than ever. Try it today!

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