Success Files

Christine shed over 35kg!

Christine Thiele may have been working at Fitness First since 2002, but exercise only became part of her life three years ago.

Janelle shed over 37kg

After hitting rock bottom during her struggle with mental illness, Janelle Abbott has turned her life around with the help of exercise.

Lorraine cycled 1,000km!

Lorraine joined Fitness First in Campbelltown nine years ago, aged 50, when she couldn’t even ride a bike. However, after a bit of coaching on two wheels by a fellow Fitness First member, she's discovered a passion for cycling.

Stephanie won the strength championships

Stephanie has transformed herself from overweight mum to a spectacularly toned natural bodybuilder.

Steven got his driver's licence!

Steven joined Fitness First in 2007 with the need for independence, a better quality of life and with the goal of getting a driver’s licence.

Tony feels young and energised

Tony's aim was to “live like a 30 year old” and excel at his favourite sport of kayak racing when he joined Fitness First Dee Why.

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